ENGL 105: Composition & Rhetoric

ENGL 105 is the first-year writing seminar required of all UNC-Chapel Hill students. It is a Writing in the Disciplines (WID) course, meaning that students analyze how varying audiences, generic conventions, and rhetorical situations effect that writing that they will produce. ENGL 105 is broken into 3 units, each covering writing in a distinct discipline. Instructors must teach Writing in the Natural Sciences and Writing in the Humanities and may choose between teaching Writing in Social Sciences or Writing in Business. Additionally, each section must incorporate some oral literary component and some digital literacy component.

I stress the concept of “transferable skills” in my course. We see, for example, that even if a student may never have to write a literature review (written in our “Natural Sciences” unit) again, the ability to argue with data is integral to other genres, such as the job interview (completed in our “Business Writing” unit). Similarly, we pause in each unit to reflect on the importance of concise sentence structure. Students see that clarity and precision is integral to all writing, no matter the discipline.

Explore a sample course website, syllabus, and lesson plan below. Clicking on the website screenshot will bring you to the full range of materials prepared for that semester, including powerpoints, assignment sequences, and a course schedule.

Sample Course Website

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Sample Syllabus, ENGL 105: Composition & Rhetoric


Sample Lesson Plan